Beach hut In Palolem or a 5 star hotel near Palolem?

While staying in a beach hut on Palolem beach or Patnem beach may be an attractive idea, and certainly an experience, it is not for everyone.It also has its disadvantages.

Staying in a beach hut you may find you suffer from power cuts (electricity on the beach is never stable), too much heat (air conditioning tends not to be included in the huts), security issues (your valuables are always more vulnerable in a beach hut) and generally lack of comfort.

So if you want to spend time in Palolem and the surrounding area, but you want more comfort, safety and luxury, you should stay at the Intercontinental Goa Hotel (Intercontinental Lalit Goa).

The Lalit Goa is the only five-star hotel in the area of Palolem; it is near enough for you to be able to spend your day on the beach in Palolem and then drive back to stay in the hotel at night. All it takes is a five minute taxi drive. The Lalit Intercontinental Goa is a hotel of top class European standards, with all the modern amenities you would expect of a hotel belonging to this internationally renowned hotel chain.

It has several bars and restaurants, a stunning swimming pool and lounging area, several different types of rooms, a golf course and a luxurious Spa. Guests at the hotel will benefit from full use of all these pampering facilities. The Intercontinental Goa and its excellent team of staff will really make you feel at home and make your stay in South Goa really unique.

If you are planning your first visit to Goa, and you really want to experience staying in a beach hut, will find that booking a room at the Lalit Intercontinental Goa is a great way of making sure you have a safe and secure place to stay for the first two or three nights, meanwhile you can explore Palolem Patnem and Agonda and find a suitable hut to spend the rest of your holiday in.

When booking a room at this five-star hotel there is no risk of anything going wrong, the booking is secure and no deposit is needed. Just book your hotel room the way you would any hotel in Europe. You know there will not be any unpleasant surprises when you are shown to your room.

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Palolem Beach Huts

Beach huts in Palolem are famous as some of the most attractive, certainly in India and even in the world. Palolem is famous as being a beach hut resort. Indeed, this is how the resort started to develop as a tourist attraction.

Today, no permanent construction is allowed on the beach so huts are the perfect way to provide accommodation to the tourists and travelers that arrive in Palolem every year. I think that the fact that you get to stay in beach huts made out of bamboo and on stilts literally in the sand, makes Palolem even more attractive to tourists everywhere. Staying in a hut is an experience you cannot get in many places in the world.

If you have never previously stayed in a beach hut, you might not know what to expect, and indeed, if you are going to be staying in Palolem there is a great deal of variety – beach huts are built in many different ways, using more or less quality materials, on stilts, or directly on the sand, with or without terraces, with or without toilets and bathrooms, bigger or smaller, they is a whole lot of different types of hut on offer.

Unless you know or trust a recommendation for a beach hut resort, it is still best to have a look yourself before booking a hut. You will want to have a look inside a hut, and see if it is a comfortable option for you, before committing to stay in it. The location of the huts also varies a lot, with the atmosphere changing from one side of Palolem to the other, and with huts on the front line and others on the second line of the beach. Some huts are even located right at the ends of Palolem beach, near the river on the north side or on Neptune’s point on the south side. All these are factors you will want to consider when choosing a hut.

Consider the time of year you are hoping to stay in a hut in Palolem. Prices vary greatly according to the time of year, and availability can be tight especially during Christmas and New Year. Obviously, the more demanding you are, the more difficult it will be to find a hut that suits. But whatever happens I am sure you will find staying in a beach hut in Palolem is a new and enjoyable experience.

Holidays in Goa India

Holidays in Goa India – Experience a Breathtaking Trip

By Nicole Pitt

Goa is the most famous place in India for its long sandy beaches located in south India. Goa Holidays offers chance to enjoy your vacation which is full of leisure and excitement. This place is situated in west coastal belt of India where beaches are sandy and sunny. If you are planning holidays in Goa then book holiday tour packages in advance. There is a lot of rush of tourists and vacationer over here. This state is surrounded by forested hills, which will a natural splendour.

Here a lot of things will attract your attention like glistering sandy beaches, coconuts, and seafood. Panji is the capital of Goa located on the banks of Mondovi River. No other state in India provides a chain of thirty-six sandy and charming beaches. The international airport is also located near Goa with a run of 30 kilometers.

If we check Goa’s history then one thing is unique from rest of the India. Portuguese ruled this place for over 450 years while the English colonized the rest of the India for over 250 years. So, you will experience here a mix culture of traditional India and Portugal. This was the first state of India to be ruled by the Europeans. But the bad thing is that Goa is the last one to be released off.

Goa Holidays are a delighting experience for holidaymakers. Seaside beaches are the pleasant vacation tour destinations in Goa. Things and places to explore in Goa are the following: Blue beaches, Gratifying silvery sands, Cultural heritage, Gothic churches, huge historical temples, fabulous flora and fauna, Historical Monuments.

Of the preeminent logic to trip to Goa is the possibility of enjoying holidays in Goa India. Goa is an all time holiday destination for holidaymakers. Come here you can have a delicious and exotic seafood with a peg of wine. A visit to Goa will fulfil your life excitements. Goa has a wide range of luxurious hotels and villas.

Advance reservations for hotels will supply you with the ideal base for your holiday adventures, keeping you close up to the beaches. Travelling with family or friends you need to book a set of rooms in advance to avoid extra expenses. Goa carnivals are also a very famous occasion to be celebrated there. India is highly rich in diverse cultures and traditions. Goa carnival festival speaks this thing. Music and dance are integrated part of Goa carnivals.

Step into this beautiful place, which offers above just sandy beaches but a mixed range of culture and traditions. Across the globe, people visit Goa to enjoy the diverse attractions. Holiday in Goa is a major international tourist attraction. Enthral your spirit beach activities making sand castles, playing wind gliding, taking sunbath and many more things. Rejuvenate your soul by sensing the natural pleasure that will relax your mind and body. Make your Holidays in Goa [] a precious moment of vacation.

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Goa is India’s smallest state, and one of its most unique. It is the only state that was never fully occupied by the British Raj and was instead a Portuguese colony for over 450 years.

Its location on the coast made it a useful strategic colony for the Portuguese and the Portuguese influence is still very much apparent in all aspects of the Goan lifestyle. The colonial architecture, the local language, the food, and the religion of the Goans were all shaped by the Portuguese occupation.

Names like Fernandez or Mourinho are very common among resident Goans, and there is a very strong Catholic presence that has resulted in huge churches, monuments and convent schools. The local language, Konkani, is similar to Portuguese and is perhaps the most melodic of Indian dialects.