Palolem Beach Huts

Beach huts in Palolem are famous as some of the most attractive, certainly in India and even in the world. Palolem is famous as being a beach hut resort. Indeed, this is how the resort started to develop as a tourist attraction.

Today, no permanent construction is allowed on the beach so huts are the perfect way to provide accommodation to the tourists and travelers that arrive in Palolem every year. I think that the fact that you get to stay in beach huts made out of bamboo and on stilts literally in the sand, makes Palolem even more attractive to tourists everywhere. Staying in a hut is an experience you cannot get in many places in the world.

If you have never previously stayed in a beach hut, you might not know what to expect, and indeed, if you are going to be staying in Palolem there is a great deal of variety – beach huts are built in many different ways, using more or less quality materials, on stilts, or directly on the sand, with or without terraces, with or without toilets and bathrooms, bigger or smaller, they is a whole lot of different types of hut on offer.

Unless you know or trust a recommendation for a beach hut resort, it is still best to have a look yourself before booking a hut. You will want to have a look inside a hut, and see if it is a comfortable option for you, before committing to stay in it. The location of the huts also varies a lot, with the atmosphere changing from one side of Palolem to the other, and with huts on the front line and others on the second line of the beach. Some huts are even located right at the ends of Palolem beach, near the river on the north side or on Neptune’s point on the south side. All these are factors you will want to consider when choosing a hut.

Consider the time of year you are hoping to stay in a hut in Palolem. Prices vary greatly according to the time of year, and availability can be tight especially during Christmas and New Year. Obviously, the more demanding you are, the more difficult it will be to find a hut that suits. But whatever happens I am sure you will find staying in a beach hut in Palolem is a new and enjoyable experience.

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