Accommodation in Palolem Beach, Goa is very varied and often surprisingly luxurious, compared to what people may expect from a beach resort in India.

When Palolem first started welcoming tourists to its beautiful beach, they were travelers, or to be more specific, they were ‘backpackers’ and the only accommodation available to them on the beach was often nothing more than a mat on the sand and a blanket. The locals soon started building improvised shelters and renting them out to these intrepid travelers, and over time, as Palolem has risen in popularity, so the accommodation has changed and become more and more practical and westernized. Nowadays Palolem is famous for its beach huts. But they are not the only type of accommodation available on Palolem beach. There are also hotels, hostals and of course apartments, houses or rooms to rent.

There is a great variety of beach huts available on the beach, on the first line and further back from the sea. They vary in quality, facilities, and in price. But the great thing about Palolem, is that there is still something for everyone. Every year this beach welcomes more and more holidaymakers who fly over for a week in the sun, but there are still many backpackers who find their way here during their travels around India. Happily the beach caters for all kinds of tourists, those looking for comfort and those on a budget.

Palolem is a surprisingly flexible resort, one that has been able to grow with what travelers, both from within India itself as well as from other countries, are looking for. The accommodation in Palolem continues to grow every year and is different depending on the time of year or season during which you visit.

Beach huts in Palolem Goa

One of the things Palolem is perhaps most famous for is its beach huts. Staying in a beach hut on Palolem Beach is probably going to be one of the things people recommend you do, if travelling to Goa and South India.

Originally beach huts in Palolem were very basic affairs; when Palolem was just beginning to be discovered by foreigners, the only accommodation available was a blanket on the sand literally ‘under the stars’. Palolem’s natural beauty attracted more and more visitors and the locals soon realized they could make more money if they offered them a ‘roof over their heads’. So that’s how the Palolem beach huts developed.

Every year has seen improvements in the quality of beach huts available, and there is still a great deal of variety when it comes to the quality and facilities of the huts on Palolem Beach. There is still something for every budget and backpackers will be glad to know they can still rent a very basic beach hut on stilts for surprisingly little per night, as long as they are fine with sharing toilets and cold showers.

The more discerning visitor may opt for higher end beach hut accommodation which can include hot running water, en suite bathrooms and showers, terraces, fans, air conditioning and even fully furnished facilities. Your budget and taste will determine how luxurious you want your Palolem beach hut to be.

One interesting point to note is that Palolem beach huts are all dismantled at the end of every season, just before the monsoon. By law, no permanent structures can be built on Palolem beach and all beach huts must be dismantled and built again at the beginning of every season.

Nothing beats the experience of staying in a beach hut on Palolem beach, you really feel at one with nature. A lot of the beach huts are surrounded by swaying palms and at night the sound of the sea lulls you to sleep.

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