How to book a beach hut?

How to book a beach hut or hotel room at Palolem beach Goa?

One of the things that makes Palolem beach so unique and amazing is its famous beach hut accommodation. You can sleep in your bamboo hut just a few meters from the sea line, fall asleep with the sound of the waves and wake up in the morning, open your beach hut windows and find yourself in paradise.

You can book a beach hut online but it is not very easy, one of the reasons for that is that Palolem beach and the beaches in the area are all fishermen’s villages and most of its inhabitants are locals that live a very laid back and primitive life. Most of the guest houses in Palolem do not use internet, emails or a hut booking system.

Every year there are more guest houses and resorts in Palolem and the surrounding area that provide guests with the option of booking huts and rooms online.

At the moment there are quite a few places which have the facility to book a beach hut or a room on the beach from the internet. Most of the places with this facility are very up-market and all of them will ask for a deposit up front; some of the beach huts resorts will charge up to 50% of the total amount of your booking in advance. There are a few ways you can pay your hut or room deposit, some places ask for a PayPal transfer, some for a bank transfer and some for a western union transfer. The safest and best way to pay the deposit is by PayPal transfer, especially if you do not know the person or the guest house.

Booking a beach hut for a few days holiday

If you are coming to Palolem beach for a short holiday of a few days it is highly recommended that you try and book your hut online as soon as you can, especially for the peak season, (Read more about the season in Palolem beach).

If you are late and there are no more huts left for online booking we suggest  you book a room in one of the hotels near Palolem for a night or two and then to go to Palolem beach to look for accommodation that suits you in terms of its appearance and your budget.

Booking a beach hut, room or a house for a long stay

If you are traveler or backpacker and you would like to stay in Palolem beach for more than a few days we suggest you book a hut or room for a night or two and then check what’s going on at the beach in term of places and prices of huts and rooms in Palolem beach.

You can also find some local houses that rent some rooms or even the whole house by days, months or for all the season, most of these houses belong to local families and it is very difficult to find and to book them online. Prices for this type of accommodation is much cheaper compared to beach hut accommodation.

Booking a beach hut holiday in Agonda, Patnem or Columb

The beaches around Palolem are less popular and it is easier and cheaper to find and book beach hut accommodation online.

Agonda beach

Agonda beach is a very long coastal beach and there is a plenty of space as well as many guest houses and beach hut resorts. If you want to stay in Agonda beach and are planning to arrive during the high season it is recommended to book your hut in advance. In Agonda beach you can find lots of houses and rooms for rent, both for a few days and for a longer stay.

Patnem beach

Booking huts in Patnem beach can be the most difficult because Patnem is the smallest beach in the area and there are not so many guest houses and beach hut resorts.

There is variety of accommodation in Patnem and some of the resorts are directly on the beach, and others are in the village, a few minutes walking from the beach. It is very highly recommended to book your hut online in advance if you really want to stay in Patnem during the high season.


Columb is a special one because it is a little village between Palolem beach and Patnem beach. Unlike Palolem or Patnem, there is no beach in Columb, but the area has its own character and is a very nice quiet and peaceful place to live if you are planning to stay for a long time in the area. You can find some houses for rent and some rooms but you will need to be there and to look around.

Galgibag beach

Galgibag beach is just 3 minutes driving from Palolem beach.

The InterContinental Hotel in Goa is located here. This is the only hotel of its kind near  Palolem, and the only place which provides rooms which have a truly European feel about them. The hotel is a great place to stay if you are unsure about booking a beach hut.

You can book your room at the InterContinental Lalit Goa Resort online with the normal conditions and without worrying about any deposit payment. If it is your first time in India and in Goa you may prefer to book a room for a night or two in the Lalit Goa resort near Palolem beach and so reduce the risk of ending up with a hut you do not like or are not comfortable staying in.

Whilst staying at the Lalit, you can  check the accommodation in Palolem beach and in the surrounding beaches, and then book a hut you really like.

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