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Beach hut In Palolem or a 5 star hotel near Palolem?

While staying in a beach hut on Palolem beach or Patnem beach may be an attractive idea, and certainly an experience, it is not for everyone.It also has its disadvantages. Staying in a beach hut you may find you suffer from power cuts (electricity on the beach is never stable), too much heat (air conditioning […]

Palolem Beach Huts

Beach huts in Palolem are famous as some of the most attractive, certainly in India and even in the world. Palolem is famous as being a beach hut resort. Indeed, this is how the resort started to develop as a tourist attraction. Today, no permanent construction is allowed on the beach so huts are the […]

Holidays in Goa India

Holidays in Goa India – Experience a Breathtaking Trip By Nicole Pitt Goa is the most famous place in India for its long sandy beaches located in south India. Goa Holidays offers chance to enjoy your vacation which is full of leisure and excitement. This place is situated in west coastal belt of India where beaches […]


Goa is India’s smallest state, and one of its most unique. It is the only state that was never fully occupied by the British Raj and was instead a Portuguese colony for over 450 years. Its location on the coast made it a useful strategic colony for the Portuguese and the Portuguese influence is still […]